Friday, November 21, 2008


I can't believe the first high school class is finally graduating..........

I had the pleasure to meet most of the students in that class what an amazing group of kids they are........

And over the next few weeks I will go through the movies I took while there and share with ya'll what they looked like as Form 1's........



Monday, November 17, 2008

2008 Holly House Holiday Treat

In celebration of the upcoming holidays a special collection is being taken to provide a treat and gift for the children at Holly House. It has not been decided what the treat will be (we are talking with Fanuel) but it will be something to go with the holiday meal. A gift will be purchased for the house that all the children can benefit from. Any "extra" money will go into the Holly House fund to be used as needed for items such as as fresh fruit during the year, new blankets or dishes. The money raised in this drive will go towards meeting the needs of the children living at Holly House and not the general school population.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wycliffe Returns Home

Sometimes it takes a story like this to remind us of the hardships that each of our Kenyan kids face every day and to reinforce in our hearts and minds the depth of Fanuel's compassion and dedication toward the welfare of the children. It's a sad story with a happy ending. A story that is played out over and over again but not always with the same wonderful results.

This picture is of Wycliffe when he was found.

Wycliffe is an eight year old orphan with a smile that lights up the room. At the height of the post election violence his aunt removed him from Holly House to take him to their rural village where she believed he'd be safer. That was in January. Fast forward to October, Fanuel received a brief, disjointed phone call from a young man named John. John is a former WHS student who moved with his family to a distant city. It seems that for four days running John saw little Wycliffe on the streets. He recognized him as a child who use to live in Holly House and called Fanuel. When Fanuel was unable to get further details from John he took it upon himself to travel to the city to locate Wycliffe. He spent time on the streets with the street boys eventually locating him. Wycliffe couldn't or wouldn't share the details of his experience but the story Fanuel pieced together is that the aunt never went back to the village but went to the city instead. Wycliffe did stay with her for a brief period of time but one day when he returned home from playing she was gone. Wycliffe spent some time going from home to home eventually ending up on the streets. The street boys said he was bruised and battered when they met him. Fanuel attempted to find the aunt and the home where Wycliffe had stayed but Wycliffe was unable to give him directions. Fan then went and filed a report with the local police and left his contact info. Wycliffe is now back with his Holly House family in Nairobi. He is surrounded by people who care about him. He is getting three meals a day and is back in school!

I am SO grateful to Fanuel who cares so deeply for all the children. I am equally grateful to each of you who sponsor children and contribute to drives so we can help Fanuel help the children. Without you there would be no Holly House and Fanuel wouldn't have the resources he needs to help so many children and families. I am grateful too to John who recognized Wycliffe and made the effort to make the call that saved Wycliffe's life.

When I was talking with Fanuel, asking if he'd found Wycliffe he replied "I'm back, and happy that I have saved a child's life." He then proceeded to tell me the story I've shared with you. He prefaced the account with "It is difficult to take care for more children but when I heard Wycliffe's story I had to act." I for one am SO glad he did!

This is Wycliffe his first day back at school.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The gift that keeps giving.......

…..the gift that keeps on giving….

Kenya’s Kids In Need is pleased to announce the “giving card”….

This is a gift to the students at Galilee Primary School, Waddington High School or Holly House Children’s Home, made to celebrate a special event for that person in your life who has everything.

Here is how it works:

  1. You choose from the following occasions, and decide what you want to buy in their name.
  • Congratulations
  • Blank
  • Thinking of You
  • Happy Birthday
  • Happy Holidays
  1. Choose from one of the following…
  • 2009 Class 8 & Form 1 Exam Fees
  • Text Books
  • Food for the feeding program
  • Jael’s Promise (medical fund)
  • Buy a Brick (building fund)
  • Greatest Need
  1. Decide the amount ($10 minimum)
  2. Email the above information to and your snail mail address
  3. Pay via Paypal on the home page (general donation) or

After payment is received, a card will be mailed to you to give to your special person.

The actual picture on the card may vary…….

Cards will be mailed 5 to 7 days from receipt of the request and payment.

Samples – actual pictures and borders may vary

Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You!

A special birthday gift of (item) has been made in your name to Kenya’s Kids In Need. We hope your special day is as fabulous as this gift is to the children at Galilee.

Congratulations! Good Job! No matter how you say it you did good!

To celebrate (giver) has made a special gift for (item) to Kenya’s Kids In Need.

Blank card:

A donation for (item) has been made in your name from (your name).

Happy Holidays!

(giver) has made a special holiday donation for (item) to Kenya’s Kids In Need

May you find joy, peace and love this holiday season, thank you for sharing the reason for the season with our children.

A gift of books...

On behalf of our Kenyan kids we'd like to offer our heartfelt thanks to Steve Viglione, Founder and CEO and Dr. Marilyn Powers, Co-Founder and Vice-President, of the I AM FOUNDATION for taking time out of their busy schedule to visit our school while they were in Kenya. Steve and Marilyn gave out 600 copies of their wonderful book, I Am, to an overjoyed group of children. Their marvelous Kiswahili/English book with its colorful pages and self affirming messages was an excellent first book for children who aren't used to having books of their own. The children were thrilled to have Steve and Marilyn visit and will cherish the books they received and the message it imparts for a long time.

From the foundation website..."Founded in 1998, The I AM Foundation is a registered 501c3 educational non-profit whose mission is gifting books and music to children and adults worldwide. We stand for children and building their self-esteem and literacy. We believe every child in the world is important and valuable regardless of who they are or where they live. We know that when children discover their value, they bring their value to the world."

Thank you for helping us help the children "discover their value, (and) bring their value to the world."