Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dollars for Scholars Update........

Hi Everyone!

The year is rapidly drawing to a close. So far we have collected a total of
$5149.50 for our Dollars for Scholars Drive. We are aiming for $9,500 for all the students to take both the exams and the mock exams to prepare for it.

We are trying to raise money for 120 Class 8 students and 75 form 4 students (12th graders) of class 2009 to take their final exam.

So far all of the Class 8's are paid for and we have enough for 38 of the form 4 students.

We still have a little over two weeks left in our drive. We are using a cut-off of January 15th so there is time for all donations to be collected, tallied and then wired to Fanuel before he has to pay at the beginning of February.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far...some of you twice or three times even! You are truly making a difference in these students' lives. You are giving them opportunities that they never dreamed of before they found their way to Galilee Primary &/or Waddington High.

There is still time if you'd like to add your donation to the pot. Click on the button below to donate......


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays.......

No matter what language you say it in the meaning is the same... Happy Holidays!!!!

To you and your family from all from the staff and students of Galilee Primary and Waddington Secondary schools and the Board of Directors of Kenya's Kids In Need, Tami, Holly, Jen and Betsy.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas at Holly House....

Hi Everyone........

I asked Fanuel, the director of the schools and children’s home, to share with us about Christmas in Kayole and how he, his wife and sons will spend their day. I enjoyed reading what he had to say and hearing once again how his family Christmas and the Holly House Christmas are one in the same, no more, no less. He is truly a father to all the children.

Here is his reply:

"Christmas here is one of the most special days on our calendar especially for children. For older people it is a religious holiday. On this day children wake early in the morning take bath and put on
their best clothes and shoes, in most cases the new clothes they are bought for during Christmas period. They take breakfast and go to church, from church they come home for lunch and if the parents are able they take them out for a picnic if not the kids play at home until evening. In the evening they eat dinner.

The food they eat on this day usually is special food sometimes different from what they usually eat daily.

On the Christmas day this year we plan to spend the whole day at Galilee, like the previous Christmas we shall be sharing a lunch meal with the HH children there after my children will play with the HH children, in the evening I will take my family back home and come back to make sure the HH children get their supper.

Exchanging gifts is not a culture that has taken root here, like for me, I'm the one to buy new clothes for my children and wife for Christmas.

Thank you

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Christmas Dinner Update...........

HI Everyone,

Here is an update on the Christmas Dinner for the children living at Holly House, ya'll have come though again and the children will have a very special day..........

The plan for Christmas dinner is for the kids to have a beef and rice meal, with soda and cake.....

…a volley ball net will be purchased for the older kids and tennis type balls for the younger kids......

The meal will cost around $300 to 350 for the 100 children and their caregivers.

The volley ball set up will cost approximately $200 and the tennis type balls approximately $150 (36 balls for the younger kids).

For a total of $650........

Any funds raised beyond those needed for the holiday meal and gift will go toward other Holly House expenses.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this special meal and gift.........
The fine print -
“In accordance with IRS rules, the Board of Directors has the final authority concerning the distribution of funds.”