Thursday, January 22, 2009

Message from Fanuel..........

Dear Friends,

I hope everybody is fine and that your families are doing well too.

As we start this year 2009 we have to again send you all our heartfelt appreciations for your continued support for our schools and Holly house. And also to wish you a happy and prosperous year a head.

Unlike last year this year has started peaceful.We are only faced with high prices of food stuffs and other commodities as the greatest challenge. This has affected many families in our slum communities that we fore see a situation where some of the families might be forced migrate to other areas in search of food etc.
Generally as usual at this time of the year we have had a good turnout of children. As per last Friday we had registered 75% turnout of children who were in our school last year and we expect more to report in the coming days.

At the same time we have been receiving several requests for admission in our schools of new pupils both in the GPS and WHS.

As always our priority at this stage of the year is to replenish our textbook stocks and also repairs to the desks and our temporary buildings.

This year we had a burning desire to start computer classes for our high school students but we have not been able to realized it due to the shortage of the computers but we pray that we shall one day offer this very important knowledge to our children.

Thank you so very much those of you who have been visiting our On line shop and ordering different items for your sponsored children, children cherish the gifts you buy for them so much.We also appreciate your effort since it has always made our work easier.

Starting next year we shall start registration for National examinations for both class 8 and form four. Unfortunately the government has increased the amount of money charged for KCPE from ksh.300 to ksh 500. We really appreciate your effort in helping our chidren pay for their examination fee because without your support many of them would not have been able to sit for them.

Thank you so very much and may Almighty God bless you and your families abundantly.

Fanuel Okwaro,
The Director,
Galilee Primary School,

A donation today will be a vital contribution in helping children live the life they deserve in future
To learn more about us, visit our website

Monday, January 19, 2009

More Christmas 2008 pictures.....

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some Things Never Change.......

Today I took some time to check out all the cool clips we have on from Galilee Primary School, clips sponsors have posted from their visits over the years. Something really strange came over me as I was watching the top clip taken by a sponsor during her 2008 visit and the bottom clip I took during my visit in 2005, both are of different nursery classes singing and chanting. The last song from 2008 is the same song on mine (2005)...

A lot has changed since my visit in 2005! More children are living at Holly House. I think there were around 30 during my visit. Today we have close to 100! We now have some real buildings (concrete, brick and mortar)! The school owns some land! Some great groups and individuals have come in to support us. We had our first graduating high school class. They were in their first year of secondary school during my visit. The riots and turmoil caused fear and havoc in the beginning of 2008 but even with all of that some things never change thank goodness! The voices of little children singing and singing the same songs year after year. Children learning, laughing, growing, developing... poverty, hunger, violence, over crowded classrooms, lack of educational resources hasn't stopped the music or diminished the hope it represents....

If I have not told our sponsors recently ------ Thank You! Thank You for changing each of these lives and giving them a chance for a better future! I hope you realize what a powerful, positive difference just paying school fees makes. You are giving the children and their families hope and a chance to break the chains of poverty.

If you do not sponsor a child at Galilee please consider joining our small and powerful group. For more information on sponsorship options or to make a one time donation email us at

Sincerely, Tami

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Class 3A Singing......

Hi Everyone,

And thank you friend for posting your video clips from last years visit on

I have really enjoyed watching the kids, seeing how much the school has grown and the progress that has been made. We still have a long way to go, but we have also come a long way.



Friday, January 9, 2009

End of the Year Letter from Fanuel..........

December 2008

Dear Friends,

I hope everybody is fine and that your families are doing well too.
Thank you so very much for your kindness and continued support for
our students.

As we come to the end of this year we again send you all our
heartfelt appreciations for your continued support for our students,
schools and Holly house.

The first half of this year was one that will not get out of our
minds very soon. This is a time we saw anarchy engulf our nation and
violence was wide spread as politicians contested a bungled election
but we thank God that apart from a few children whose houses were
burnt or families uprooted from their house, we as an institution
remained safe despite the tension and fighting that was going on
around us. I vividly remember some days after we opened school and
our member of parliament was murdered at night and without children
or parents knowing the children came to school the next morning and
violence broke out, that parents came into the school running and we
all panicked as we released children to their parents and guardians
and it was a near pandemonium/stampede as every body ran helter

With the coming of Koffi Anan the temperatures started going down and
we eventually went back to our normal lives. The biggest challenge
this situation brought to us was the food. Food supply chains were
very much disrupted that prices for basic commodities especially food
hiked sharply. The violence had long term effects on food security to
the whole country because the bread basket regions were the most hit
and thus many farmers could not prepare their farms on time for this
year's crop and due to this food shortage is looming large. Prices
for food stuffs has gone and continue going up drastically.

Despite all the challenges we went through I must thank all of you
from the bottom of my heart for the big support you gave us then and
you continue giving us to this day. The food drive you did during the
violence time was so timely that we were cushioned so much otherwise
our HH kids would have gone with out food.

Otherwise after normalcy our year has been good and we were very
happy that at long last we have had our first form 4 class seat their
KCSE (final) examinations this year.

As we close this year we are all very thankful for achievements you
have helped us achieve, thanks to your generosity and kindness we
were able to compete in music competitions to the national level
where we won trophies. We also appreciate so very much for many of
you who contributed towards buying land and construction of the
three class rooms and which we have received more funding to add
another three classrooms, although funds are not enough to complete but we are happy because we shall be able todo a significant work and which we shall be able to complete when we get more funds. I'm also thankful to all of you who contributed
towards buying textbooks this year. The books were of great help to
our children this academic year. We also highly appreciate those of
you who had time and resources to write to your sponsored children
and those of you who send their sponsored children gifts. The things
you send to these children are always a source of motivation and good
feeling of being loved. We also appreciate so very much the efforts
by Holly that enabled us to get mosquito nets from Netting Nations
for all our children.

We must also thank so very much Brenda,Lorna and their team for the
good work they have done for us since the time we started working
together and we also wish them the best of luck in all they do for
themselves and their families. They will always remain in our hearts
for the big role they have played towards bringing our schools and HH
to where they are today. We also thank so very much Tami Folks, Holly
and their team who are now co-coordinating KKIN for the superb work
they have and continue doing for us. Above all we thank you all for
the support you give to our schools and HH by sponsoring children to
enable them to continue learning uninterrupted. We also thank all our
friends who managed to visit Galilee this year and welcome all who
are planning to visit next year.

We now look forward to next year with a lot of optimism. As always
we have a lot of plans for the year 2009. We hope to buy more text
books, buy more land that we are using in the school compound,
construct a sanitary facility, build a kitchen, start construction
of GPS classrooms, do renovations on our existing buildings ie
repaint the walls and do repairs necessary, also due to the high
number of children needing a place to live we would like to construct
another floor on the HH building. We shall be rolling out the
projects bit by bit as we work on what we can at a given time.

Thank you so very much for all you have done and are doing for us.
May the Almighty bless you and your families abundantly.


Monday, January 5, 2009


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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year from Holly House........

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year......

The pictures of the New Year celebration have arrived, enjoy, all the kids look so happy and are really enjoying the cake....

If you like the pictures, please leave a comment........


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holly House Christmas Dinner

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