Thursday, April 30, 2009

Picture of the day..........

Monday, April 27, 2009

Quote from a student......

A quote from Beatrice( a Waddington High School Student),when she first heard of her sponsorship:

"You just cannot imagine how happy I was to receive the letters from you that you are going to be my sponsor. I just want to take this opportunity to thank our heavenly father for giving me this golden voice to talk with you."

Saturday, April 25, 2009

World Malaria Day 2009

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Today is World Malaria Day, it is a day set aside to raise awareness of the impact Malaria has on the world. Malaria is still a deadly disease in over 109 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It is a mosquito-born disease that is preventable yet one child dies every 30 seconds from it. Malaria has been eradicated in Europe and North America over the last 60 years because we have a system in place to control the spread of mosquitos and access to drugs to treat it should it occur.

Last year our Kenyan kids were given the life saving gift of high quality mosquito nets from the nonprofit Netting Nations. All total 1700 nets were purchased and distributed. However, kids can not live under nets all the time. When out and about they still run the risk of getting bit by a mosquito and contracting the disease. Please help us battle malaria at Galilee by making a donation to Jael's Promise,our medical fund. By doing so it assures money is availbe to provide prompt medical care when a child contracts malaria or another easily treatable disease. It costs very little to get the children the medicine they need, but when most families live on less than $1 a day, it can feel like a million dollars.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The perfect Mother’s Day Gift…. Or Father’s

Are you looking for the perfect Mother's or Father's Day gift for the parent who has everything????

Kenya's Kids In Need has just the answer……….

The "giving card" …a gift that keeps on giving….

The "giving card" is a gift to the students at Galilee Primary School, Waddington High Shool or Holly House Children's Home, made to celebrate a special event for that person in your life who has everything.

Here is how it works:

1. You choose from the following occasions, Mother or Father's Day (we do have others if you need one birthday, thank you, congratulations). Mother's day donations will go towards purchasing uniforms for the neediest kids and Father's Day donations will go to the "building repair" fund, like all schools and houses there is always the desk that needs to be fixed, a wall painted or door rehung.

2. Decide the amount ($10 minimum)

3. Email the above information to and the snail mail address you would like it sent to.

5. Pay via Paypal on the or via the Galilee School Online Store.

6. Cards will be mailed 5 to 7 days from receipt of the request and payment.

Picture of the day............

....... for some upcoming soccer players all they have to play with is home made balls, and this one weighs a ton.............

... donate a few dollars today to help provide soccer balls for the kids...........

Monday, April 20, 2009

Quote from a student................

Quote from Jane, class 3.

"When I grow up I would wish to get a job and build a good house for my grandfather who takes care of us. My parents don't care about us."

Friday, April 17, 2009

2009 Kenya's Kids In Need - Ebay Auction

It’s coming........
KKIN’s 2009 Ebay Auction......

Hi Everyone.... ....

We want to start planning for the 3rd KKIN’s Ebay Auction...................

We are looking at dates in October/November, exact dates have not been set yet......

But as people are traveling this summer, we want everyone to be on the look out for the perfect items or are you an artist and have something you would donate.........

This year we are doing some things a little differently based on lessons learned last time....

1. The prefect items that are small and will fit in a flat rate postal box, either 12 by 12 by 5.5 inches or 5.5 by 8.5 by 1.5 inches – or a padded envelope.

2. There will be 5 themes:
• jewelry & other handmade items
• regional Christmas/Holiday items,
• international treasures
• other treasured small items along w
• some items we did not sell from 2007 auction.

3. Please send a brief description of each item – that will be used to describe the item on ebay – include size, weight and other descriptors (this really slowed us down last time and made it difficult to get all the items up), if you do not send a description, your item may not make it to the auction and will be used at another time.

4. You are encouraged to send a digital picture of the item.

5. Email Tami at for the address to mail all items.........

6. All items are to be received at KKIN by September 1, 2009.

Thanks for your support.......


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Quotes

Some more quotes from our kids:

Facts about life:

“ we do not have electricity, I use a candle to study by, because paraffin is too expensive”..

“My December vacation was very wonderful compared to others”

“Most Kenyans hate cats because when they are angry, they can attack anyone, and claw them with their nails, According to me, I like them although they are not my favorite pet”


“before I end my letter, receive greetings from my family”...

“God bless you abundantly”......

“May almighty Lord bless you and your family”


“my warm greetings”........

“receive warm greetings from me”

“I hope that this message find you in a good condition”

Friday, April 10, 2009

We are now on Facebook!

Did you know we now have a Facebook cause as well? I'm sure you have heard of Facebook, but just in case you haven't here is a bit about it. Facebook is an online social site. It's a way to find out what your current and past friends are doing with their life and keep in touch if you want to. It's also a great way to get a message out to your friends without having to call all of them individually. For example a friend of mine just had her baby, she let her group of friends know by posting it on her page and adding pictures. We all got to ohhh and ahhh even though some of us live several states away. Of course you get to share what you want with who you want as well. You can give as much information or as little information as you choose. But enough about how to use Facebook.

Why is Kenya's Kids in Need so excited to be on Facebook? Well the short answer is networking. Getting the story of the all wonderful things that Kenya's Kids in Need is doing to a very large market. Asking someone to make the commitment to sponsor a child can sometimes be a difficult sale. Everyone has their reason for not sponsoring, be it a tight budget, uneasy about sending money over the web, unsure about where the money is going, etc. But by joining a cause on Facebook, you make no commitment. You can join at any time and you can quit at any time. All you gain is the knowledge about an organization that you have probably never heard about before. In addition when you join it shows your friends what matters to you, your friends can then join if they want. Then their friends can join and so on and so forth. So what are you waiting for, join Help Kenya's Kids in Need today and start getting the word out about this amazing cause. Together we can change the world, one person at a time.

Click here to join Help Kenya's Kids in Need

Quotes from the Kids:

Just thought I would share some quotes from the kids letters, it amazes me how they use English and their insight to life:

Things they are thankful for
”You know I like eating lunch at school”

“ I was so happy as a king as hungry as a hyena, those are similes” (thanking a sponsor for gifts)

“I always enjoy reading your letters especially when I am sad”

About families
“my dad ferries people with a bicycle from estate for a living: “

About school:
“I will always work hard until I finish my education but remember education has no end”

“Here at Galilee life is so good, I think God for this good life”

“here at Galilee we are very fine and busy as a bee”

“I am working hard because I know hard work pays”