Saturday, May 30, 2009

kids praticing for music competition

Friday, May 29, 2009

Music Fest 2009 Drive......

(picture from previous competitions)

Many of you probably remember last year's Music Fest and the great accomplishments of our Waddington & Galilee kids. They performed well in the local and regional levels and two groups plus a couple individuals qualified to compete on the national level!!

You may also remember the mad scramble to raise the money at the last minute to
send those 100 kids to the national competition. We couldn't see them disappointed when they performed so well and were invited to compete. But bus transportation, food, etc...for an out of town trip is very expensive. Fanuel never thought the kids would be able to go. But we did it!! And they performedmagnificently and had an experience they will never forget.

This year, we decided to start earlier to raise the necessary funds. We'd like
to be able to tell the kids that, if they perform well and advance to the higher
levels, they will definitely be able to go compete.

So...this is the official launch of the fund raising drive for the 2009 Music
Fest!! There is a donation button in the left column if you would like to make a donation, every dollar counts!

We need to raise just a little shy of $5000 for all three levels of
competition. Obviously, the most expensive portion is the national level since
it requires out of town travel. (When you break this down, it is actually not
much money per child. This amount covers all children who compete on the local
and regional level for costumes etc...and for 100 children to travel out of town
for the nationals.)

We have a couple of months to raise the money, but we need to have it to the
school before the beginning of August. So let's see how fast we can raise these
funds!!! It's a tough goal, but we did it last year so I know we can do it
again. Let's help these kids have an experience of a lifetime!!

Just a note........they have performed well the past several years and we have
every reason to think that they will again. If, however, we raise these funds
and no group advances to the nationals and we, therefore, have money left over,
this money will be used to supplement the exam fee expenses.

(and Tami, Jen and Holly!!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

THANK YOU - Feed the Children

Just wanted to share these photos- just in from Kenya, look at all the happy faces of the kids who had lunch today, many for the very first time. Last week only the lucky ones who had sponsors, those considered the neediest of the needy or their parents could pay $4 a month for lunch were eating, today over 1000 children in pre-k to class 8 had lunch. I wonder what was going though their minds or the staff lining them up or the cooks preparing the food and cleaning up afterwards?

What do you think the students told their parents when they got home? How was the bowl of maize and beans? What did they dream about last night? or Friday after they took their note home telling their parents in order to eat on Monday they have to bring a bowl (spoons are optional fingers work in a pinch). Do you think any feared they may not eat because they did not have a bowl? or afraid it might only be a dream?

I just can't even imagine what it is like one day the truck from Feed the Children shows up, you know they say it is coming but January comes and goes no truck, February comes and goes, March, and April, the economy is down, charities are saying yes we want to help but donations are down, we can help you when we get money. Then all of a sudden one day the truck shows up and says, it is your turn, we told you we would come but it just was not your turn yet.

Holly will have a report when she gets home. She did share one father came to school after receiving a note on Friday that lunch will start for all primary kids on Monday wanting to make sure it was true, that it was really happening and to send his greatest Thank You to everyone for making it happen. Holly will have his story when she gets home. THANK YOU FEED THE CHILDREN. Tonight over a 1000 children will be going to bed with full stomachs, and time for me to say my prayers of thank you, and that Feed the Children will continue to have the resources to feed our children at Galilee, and we will continue to have the funds to pay the cooks and purchase the fuel.

Miracles do happen every day! and this is one of them....

Saturday, May 23, 2009

more pictures....

Miracles happening at Galilee Primary School........

Miracles happening at Galilee Primary School........ defines Miracle as:
an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers

Something very close just happened like that at Galilee Primary School.......... and I bet the kids at Galilee will say that is exactly what happened this week......

We have been praying for a very long time that something would happen so that all the kids at Galilee Primary could have at least one hot meal a day, no more groups of kids eating off of one plate and sharing what little food is available, after the bird flu and having to discontinue the chickens another income generating project just has not happened....

Several groups have been contacted and we just continued to wait, the groups have said yes we would like to help.... but then there are always a reason......

But today a truck filled with food arrived, not just any truck the "Feed the Children" truck.... I wish I was there to see all the shining faces..... I can't even think what the kids must have been thinking or even Holly or Fanuel....

Feed the Children has now joined the Galilee Family as a very important partner, they have agreed to provide food every term for all the Primary school kids to eat. That means every child will have at least one meal every school day, think what that will do for their ability to learn.

As excited as we are to have Feed the Children on board, it brings on some added costs and issues, but though the sponsorship program we hope to be able to take care of most of the needs. The $5 a month portion of the primary sponsorship for the next 24 months or until we have a better feel of how Feed the Children is working out will go towards the following:

1. Building an emergency food fund, with all the economic issues going on world wide, should Feed the Children loose funding, they may have to discontinue providing food, we want to have at least enough funds in reserve to cover the cost of food for 1 year, to allow us time to figure out how to continue feeding the kids.

2. Feed the children provides the food but not the oil, water, cooking fuel, cooks and other items necessary to prepare the food, portions of the "lunch" fees will go towards paying these additional costs until it can be determined if families can cover the costs or if KKIN needs to pay for it.

3. Upgrading the kitchen, when Feed the Children did their initial assessment, the kitchen just met their standards, we were afraid we would be turned down due to our kitchen area, this kitchen severs both the school and Holly House.

4. Start to focus on how to expand the feeding program to the high school students, Feed the Children do not provide food to secondary students.

Over the next 24 months we will closely monitor the costs, Holly is working closely with Fanuel to figure out the exact costs, we did some figures close to a year ago, now we need to see if they are still accurate.

Thank you and everyone you know for keeping Galilee on their prayer list, this is truly a miracle. Now it is time to say thank you for the blessing.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Email from Holly.......

Just wanted to share the latest email from Holly......

Hi Tami,

Hope all is well with you and all the many friends of Galilee. I have settled into a routine here and while I miss my family and friends I am also quite comfortable and at 'home' here in Kenya. While the children are in class and the campus is quiet I sit in on mtgs. with Fanuel and take time to ask him my many questions. When the bell ringer rings the handbell signaling a break and the kids come streaming out of their classrooms I join them outside for impromptu games, picture taking and fun.Some of the children are as bold as brass, coming up to me, introducing themselves and asking me questions. Others are shy and come only so close before retreating. Some of the children have asked me if I know their sponsor or when their sponsor is coming to visit. Others ask me if I'll be their sponsor or if I'll find them a sponsor. There's the occasional request from a child for a uniform, textbooks... but those aren't too common. The most common refrains are 'How Are You?' and 'take a picture'. It's hard to get candid shots showing life at school but I have LOTS of cute kids with friend(s) photos. :-) Everybody wants their picture taken... even the cooks :-) I walked the campus taking pictures for a pictorial 'map' of the school. When I got to the kitchen the cooks saw the camera and started primping before posing for their photo. I think people will be amazed at the changes that have occured on campus and will be happy with all the pictures.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

World Vision Experience: AIDS

If you live in Central Florida, check out this exhibit this week at Discovery Church, from May 16th to the 21st:

This exhibit is sponsored by World Vision, here is a description from their website, what you are suppose to put in email and share with others:

I want to let you know about the World Vision Experience: AIDS, a free exhibit that will open your eyes to the AIDS crisis. This amazing walk-through village takes you on a virtual journey to Africa, where you'll walk in the steps of a child affected by the AIDS crisis. The interactive exhibit features a stirring audio tour combined with captivating photography that will transport you to the heart of Africa. You'll gain a completely new perspective on the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time: AIDS.

I encourage you to visit the website, for more information and to reserve a FREE ticket today!

Quote from a student........

Beatrice's thoughts on receiving a picture of her sponsor and friends...........

"You all look very happy and are beautiful ladies. You are smiling faces makeme love and appreciate you with joy. Your bodies seemed to be healthy and having better hygiene!"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Holly's first post......

We have all been waiting, here is he first bits of news from Holly.........

Keep watching more to follow.......

Hi Everyone...........

I've made it to Kenya and I'm LOVING it. Everyone and everything is SO
incredible. The changes in the school and community are beyond belief. When
you drive thru the gates onto the 'Galilee' campus its like entering another
world... so many HAPPY children. The physical 'plant' is incredible, so many
classrooms, wonderful bldgs where all kinds of learning is taking
place...Something that really stands out to me are all the beautiful trees and
flowers. They truly make the campus an oasis. The neighborhood outside the
gates are devoid of greenery so it is something that really leaves an

I've been taking lots of pictures and spending lots of time talking with Fanuel.
We have covered a lot of ground already.

Internet access is poor so if you don't hear from me often enough know that I am
taking lots of notes and will report back more fully when I return.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done and continue to do
for the children. Please know that you really are making a powerful, postive


Pictures from Jesse....

Hi Jesse, sent me some picutres from hisvisit in December... thought I would share as we are waiting some from Holly........

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Picutre of the day............

... learning to read is their key out of poverty.............
Send a copy of your favorite book to:
Galilee Primary School
Direct Agent Bag
PO Box 70014-00400
Tom Mboya Street

Monday, May 4, 2009

Holly is going to Kenya............

Who is Holly and why is she going to Kenya?

I’m a retired, special education teacher from Orlando, FL, who has always had a special place in my heart for kids who need someone to speak up for them, to see their hidden potential and help them achieve it.

My involvement in international volunteerism started in the summer of 2002, when I went looking for a different "vacation" experience. Rekindling a long dormant dream to run away and join the Peace Corp, I signed up with a really cool group(for Peace Corp wannabees)Cross Cultural Solutions( I talked a friend into going with me and off we went to volunteer in a special school in the slums of Peru,and later, another summer, in Bangkok,Thailand. When I came home from Peru I was gung ho about doing something to assist that school and the children of Peru. Regrettably, I wasn't able to make any contacts or accomplish anything in Peru so began to look elsewhere. I connected with an online group of individuals who sponsor children through different organizations, big ones like Compassion, World Vision... and smaller grassroots groups similar to what we (KKIN) are now. Several of us began paying school fees only, for groups of children attending various slum schools in and around Nairobi. This was in the winter of 2002... Over time, Fanuel, the director of one of the schools, Galilee Primary, emerged as being a man with incredible drive, compassion, business sense and people skills. We started doing more and more for his program and it started to grow.

In Oct. of 2003 I made my first trip to Kenya. I went alone but met up with another sponsor in Nairobi. I had an incredible time and have amazing stories to tell from that first trip. The kids, teachers and Fanuel were incredible. How they could do so much with so little and how they could be so joyful and grateful despite their hardships was truly inspiring. It was mind boggling to see how far just a little bit of money could go toward making such life altering changes in a child’s life and the lives of their families and community. I was hooked! I traveled to Kenya 5 more times between Oct 2003 and summer of 2006. During this time the primary school continued to grow, a children’s home was added and a high school was built.

As our small but mighty group of supporters continued to work to provide more resources and support to the school we gradually outgrew the perameters of a first, second and third nonprofit. So we created our own. That's where we are now. Kenya's Kids In Need, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3)in the state of FL. (Orlando).

Due to personal/family obligations I haven't been able to return ‘til now. I am so excited to finally be going back! I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful changes that have occurred as the result of our involvement, and seeing how the children have grown and matures.

To those of you who have been onboard since the beginning thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement. To those who are just joining us, welcome. I looking forward to being your eyes and ears in Kenya so stay tuned for reports from the field...and don't forget to tellyour friends!

Holly, Administrative Assistant
Kenya’s Kids In Need

Quote from a student...........

A quote from Beatrice, a Waddington High School student, about what it means to get a letter from her sponsor......

"You just can not imagine how happy I was to receive the letters from you that youare going to bemy sposor. I just want to take this opportunity to thank our heavenly father for giving me this golden voice to talk with you."