Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kitchen Update!!!

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Just in pictures of the kitchen!!!!!!!

We are making progress, but can you help us finish it, we are still short!!!! Can you donate $5, the cost of lunch out? Help us prepare the 2000 meals daily we need to feed and nourish our kids.......


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

……insights and words of wisdom from our Kenyan Children



I live in a family of 6.  These include my parents , brothers and sisters.   We live in a place called Kayole  in Kenya.   My favorite music is Raggu and RnB.   This is because they  contain useful information that educate youth’s  They also entertain when one is at rest. 


When I am in school I like sharing ideas with my friends so that I can know more. I also like asking questions for these help to increase my performance in class.  When I graduate I would like to be a doctor for this is my dram.  My favorite books include  The River Between, and  A half a Day,. These are some of the set books that our school uses.  My favorite color is red this is because it shows seriousness in me.  Therefore red shows how hardworking I am in my work.


What I like about school is that it manufactures useless boys and girls in society to useful and active members of the world.  Those helps me to know my goals for me to know and understand my future, 



Waddington High School

Ebay Auction 2010.......

It’s that time of year again...

Time to start preparing for the 2010 Ebay Auction. We are looking at dates at the end of Oct/first part of November.

Remember us as you do your spring cleaning! Do you have any DVD box sets, Hallmark decorations, jewelry or other collectables? What hidden treasures do you have in your stash that will bring in much needed funds for Kenya's kids? Remember us during your vacation travels and consider picking up items unique to the area.

Any artists out there, crafty people, Etsy sellers? Do you know anyone who would be willing to donate small, handmade items…?

Anyone interested in lending a hand?

Do you have suggestions re: items you'd like to see offered, businesses we should contact?

All input is welcome………


Contact me at: for instructions on mailing your donations to me. Please put EBAY DONATION in the subject line.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thank You.......

Thanks to some very special donations, the students at Galilee Primary School now have drier classrooms to learn in. The rainy season decided to let us know where all the holes in the roofs were making learning very difficult. Now that there has been a few drier days, the roofs have been fixed.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Postcard Shower has begun.........

Thank you Margarita for kicking off our Postcard Shower, can you join us in flooding the school with postcards from all over the world ……….

Mail your postcards to:

Galilee Primary School

P.O. BOX 70014-00400

Please no return address on the card……..


Hi everyone!

For about 2.5 years I have been a member of an online group of
postcard collectors and recently I asked them to send postcard to the unsponsored
children at Galilee. Many loved the idea and sent one or more cards to the kids and one even became a new sponsor!!

For my own sponsor girl, Linda, I started an account on that website so I send postcards to different people and in return they send me cards for Linda. I have
an envelope full of cards from all over the world ready to be mailed to her! :D

Now we are inviting everyone to help shower the school with postcards. Our very own Postcard Shower.

But instead of writing to one specific child write something educational on the card. The cards can be used in class, for some fun geography lessons and to learn about other
countries and cultures. Wouldn’t that be great?!

Perhaps you could write something about your country/city on the card or
something about history? Geography? Chemistry? Or something related to your
interests and work/study!

This is an easy and fun way to connect with the children and the school in general and it’s also a fun way for our friends, family and colleagues to put some smiles on the faces of the kids at Galilee. So ask them to send some cards too!


A Galilee Sponsor

From the Netherlands

Friday, April 16, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

……insights and words of wisdom from our Kenyan Children



First and foremost received much greetings from me here at Lorna Waddington High School.  The Almighty God has kept me well thought out  the second term.   I also hope that you are alive and kicking.  It is my second year since I joined this school and I am doing great.  I have by now made friends  who have helped me in my academic work.  I am now in form three and I only have one more year to do my final examination.  I am working very hard to achieve my goals in life.


The teachers  at school are very friendly and also very helpful.  The do everything in their power to support us in every way they can.  I am doing history and business studies  a mouth the compulsory subjects as I hope to  pursue a career in law or become a prominent businessman in the country.   The term has been good in  school.  We have experienced  cold in the month of July.  Currently,   it is sunlight  throughout.  Our country’s climate pattern has been adversely affected by the continuous destruction of our water catchment areas.


At the moment, our country is hit by serious calamity.  Drought  has hit most parts of our country.  People are succumbing to hunger.  Their animals are also not spared in the drought.   People have resulted in eating  wild fruit and also fruits such as mangos.   The wild fruits and mangoes have also being   finished.  The government is trying as much as it can to help those affected with the  famine by providing relief food.


The country  is also experiencing soaring food prices.  The cost of food and  fuel have hit their highest.  Water has also been a problem in the capital and other cities.  The electricity is also being rationed due to the falling the water volume in the hills in our country.


Summer of 09 –


Waddington High School



Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

……insights and words of wisdom from our Kenyan Children



I have been living at HH for 4 years.  I am an orphan  When my parents died I moved in with my aunt.   One day when I came home from school she had moved to another place with her children and abandoned me. I stopped going to school and got employed as a house maid.  But my boss treated me badly. When I escaped I was lucky to be taken to Holly House and I was able to go back to school.   I like to play foot ball,  and read books like Harry Potter  and  Nancy Drew.   One day I would  like to be a teacher.



Holly House

Waddington High School


Thursday Thoughts

……insights and words of wisdom from our Kenyan Children


My sister, brother and I  have been living at Holly House for 6 years after my  mother died.   We went to live with my Aunt but  she threw us out of the house.  WE are lucky to have found at home at Holly House and the chance to make my life brighter.    I like to play net ball and the color orange. I like to read the Boxcar Children books.   My favorite  subject in school is math, and science.  I really don’t like social studies.  When I grow up  I want to be a doctor.



Holly House

Galilee Primary School