Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kitchen Drive Update

Hi Everyone,
It is time for a kitchen drive up date here is a message from Fanuel...
We are making progress.......

Thank you.... Tami Folks, KKIN Director


I hope you and your families are fine.

Thank you so very much for your continued efforts at helping our schools take care of so many children.

As always please receive our heartfelt appreciations, your kindness has enable us put a big number of children back into the path of defeating poverty and thus change their lives, families and the community in general. The last two years has seen many of our form four candidates as well as class 8 candidates excel in their final exams 52/ 130 meeting the university entry criteria of C+ and big number of the remaining students getting grades that can lead them into very good courses in the middle class colleges which can as well open their opportunities to good careers. With out you all these would not have been possible. At the same time we look into the future with confidence since the students we have ,are working very hard and showing potentiality of success.
We opened for third term on Monday 6th of September. Before closing we had our form four class do mock exams as prepare them to seat KCSE later in October..

This ending of 2nd term has seen us start a journey upgrading our school kitchen from the temporary to a permanent structure, thank you very much those of you who have and continued helping us on this noble project. When the kitchen will be complete we shall have won over unhygienic environment and thus prevented communicable diseases like cholera ,diarrhea etc . The initial estimates for the whole project were $22605 about ksh 1,650, 000 for construction and $5205 about ksh.380,000 for land. Through KKIN UK we received the funds to buy land after buying land we received $ 10,000 from KKIN US to commence the project shortly after we received $3000 from KKIN UK. With these funds we did the foundation, the slab and the upper structure. We have enough building blocks and sand for the lower wall on site. Last month we received $2000 for the kitchen construction which has not been utilised, they are in our bank account. So far we have received $ 15000 for construction and $ 5205 for the purchase of land as it stands we still need $ 7605 for completion of the kitchen project, although some additional $500 will be needed they were not factored in the initial estimates for the newly designed smoke chimney ,for easier discharge of smoke from the cooking stoves.

Lastly I must thank many of you who have been purchasing items for your sponsored children from the OLS and those who have been able to send gifts and letters to their sponsored children, you may want to know that what you send , buy or write to your sponsored child is a major source of motivation for the child. And we encourage you to continue doing so since the same are of big help to the child.
Thank you so very much again,

May God bless you and your families abundantly.


Fanuel Okwaro,
The Director,
Galilee Primary School,

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