Thursday, October 28, 2010

Win a 4th Generation Ipod Touch! ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT!!

I am reposting because this wonderful drawing ends in two days.  Don't miss out on your chance to win and help out a wonderful cause at the same time.

A very generous supporter of Kenya's Kids in Need has donated a brand new 32 GB 4th Generation Ipod Touch! 

All money raised from this giveaway will go toward Galilee Primary School and Waddington High school exam fees in the Kayole-Soweto Slums of Kenya. The Kayole-Soweto slums have been called one of worst slums in the world. The houses are usually made of tin, and have only one room where the entire family eats and sleeps. Bathrooms, running water, and electricity are a luxury not found in here. But there are children here, children that need an education, if they are ever going to leave the slums. Kenya's Kids in Need is helping these children get an education. Education is their one path out of poverty.

At the completion of both primary and secondary school, students in Kenya take the national certificate exams. These exams are extremely important as the results determine who can go on to receive a higher education. The cost of registering for the exams is more than most families earn in a year.

Galilee Primary School and Waddington High School are beacons of hope in this desolate environment. Education is their hope for the future and to break the cycle of poverty. Kenya’s Kids In Need is a 501 (c )(3), is completely volunteer run and all items have been donated so 100% of the proceeds (Paypal fees) support the Galilee Primary School , Waddington High School , and Holly House orphanages on campus.

Join us in this effort by purchasing a chance to win this 4th generation 32 GB ipod Touch. Entries are:

$5 each or 3 for $12.

Enter by the donation button below!  All entries must be received by November 25th.  Drawing will be held on December 1st!

Thank you for your support!

If you would like to enter without making a donation, send your name, address and email to:

Kenya's Kids In Need, Inc.
PO Box 560743
Orlando, FL. 32806

All entries must be received by November 25, 2010, each entry must be sent in separately. Multiple entries in one envelop will be treated as one entry.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Very Urgent – Additional Exam funds Needed for the class of 2010!

This just in from the school director, Fanuel …

Our form 4 graduating high school seniors, started their KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education/national school leaving exam), on Thursday 21st, so far everything is running smoothly. We are all praying that they perform well. This morning we received the science (physics , chemistry and Biology) practicals confidentials (list of items each child need in the physics, chemistry and Biology practicals)

Unlike the other two years that we have taken part in KCSE exams this year the lists are almost tripled, especially the chemistry part. We have always been setting a side ksh 75,000 for the purpose of purchasing the items on the practicals (lab) list. This year we have been shocked with how much we need to do the purchases, we need ksh 250,000 about $3335. This has left us wondering what to do.

Physics practicals will be done on Friday next week, Biology and Chemistry practicals will be done the following week. It is because of this that we have been forced to seek assistance in raising funds to help us purchase all the items. In total we need about ksh.175,000 / $2335. Confidential lists for practicals usually remain secret and released only when the KCSE exams are underway.

If we are not able to raise the funds, means we shall not be able to purchase the needed items. Without the items our candidates will not be able to sit for paper three in biology, physics and chemistry. The three subjects have paper one, two and three .The candidates have to sit for all the three papers so that their scores can be graded ie A, B--- etc as per the marks they scored.

Last year we came together and raised the money so these students can sit for the exams, now they are in danger of not being able to sit for those exams. If anyone can help in this urgent need please email or donate today.

Thank you so much!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Holly House Holiday Happenings - An Update

We are in the middle of our fundraising campaign to supply the children of Holly House with a very special Christmas dinner and a gift of clothing. The children living at Holly House have no other home, no one to celebrate the holidays with, no one to provide them with gifts. They are primarily orphans or abandoned children. They have been provided a home in these orphanages connected to Galilee Primary School and Waddington High School.

It is our goal to provide these children with a special meal of chicken & rice and ice cream & soda. They look forward to this special meal for months. Chicken is a treat they do not often get to enjoy. And ice cream & soda make it even more festive!

We also want to provide each child with clothing as a holiday gift. Most of these children do not receive gifts under normal circumstances. All of them are in need of clothing. This will be a practical gift, but still very exciting to receive.

The fundraising target is $2170 to provide both the meal & clothing to 130 children. So far we have collected $894. We are almost half way there. Can you spare a few dollars to help an orphaned child in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, have a truly wonderful holiday? Just $9 provides the meal for one child. $10 provides clothing. For $19 you can cover one child completely. (For just $1276 you can close out this drive and provide the meal & clothing to all the remaining kids!!)

Donations can be made using the donate button on this blog. Or go to and check out the online shop. You can donate to this drive on the front page of the shop or under 'general donations".

Below are some photos from last years Holiday Dinner.  For only $19 you can bring smiles to these faces again!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Help Us Fundraise When You’re on eBay!

eBay Giving Works is an easy, effective way to show your support for Kenya’s Kids In Need! The next time you’re buying or selling on eBay, please give it a try.

How it Works
Use eBay Giving Works to list items on eBay and donate 10% to 100% of your listing’s final sale price to us. It’s an easy way to sell your unwanted items while helping us raise funds for our mission.

Enjoy the Benefits!
Your listing will benefit from several unique program features that have been proven to attract more buyers and raise awareness of our cause such as the eBay Giving Works ribbon and enhanced searchability.

Plus your listings will automatically qualify for the eBay Giving Works Fee Credit Benefit and you’ll receive a tax-receipt for your donation.

Get Started

1. Click “Customize your listing”

2. Look for the “eBay Giving Works” field (Click “Add or Remove Options” if you don’t see it) in the Sell Your Item form in the "Choose how you’d like to sell your item" area

3. Choose “Select a new nonprofit”

4. In the pop-up window that appears, type “Kenya’s Kids In Need” in the “Nonprofit Name or “Keyword” field

5. Select Kenya’s Kids In Need and a percentage (10-100%) you wish to donate to us (please note:there is a $1 minimum donation if your item sells)

Shop to Show Your Support!
You can also support us by shopping for items that are being sold in aid of us on eBay! Be sure to visit our MissionFish page Kenya’s Kids In Need on a regular basis to see all the great listings benefiting us.

Not an ebay seller?
You can also support us by sending us your new or gently used items to be listed in our 4th annual ebay fundraiser. For an address to mail your items to, please email Holly at .

Friday, October 15, 2010

We've Come A Long Way!

Galilee has changed a lot since Fanuel wrote that letter back in 2003. At the time we had only a handful of sponsors, today we have close to 300. And thanks to the sponsors and other caring individuals, we have made many of the dreams, which Fanuel spoke about, come true.

Eventually we raised the money to purchase several plots of land and replace most of dangerous tin buildings with brick, so the children would no longer be injured while attending school, nor would they get rained on while trying to study. We also built Waddington High School and equipped it with textbooks, desks, and a fully functional lab. The small school that just 7 years ago had only 186 students now has over 1700. It goes from Baby class all the way through the completion of High School. With 41 paid teachers, the school no longer has to rely on volunteers.

In 2007 we brought both a potable water well and electricity to the school. Previously Fanuel had to purchase water and transport it for all the children. Now not only does the new well hydrate all the children, but also provides a small income to help with the cost of overhead. The newly wired electricity runs both the well and keeps the kids safer, as now they don’t run the risk of fires from kerosene lamps.

We have also expanded Holly House dramatically. We now rent two buildings and raised enough money to add a permanent third building. Now the orphans and destitute children of the Soweto Slums will always have a home and an education at Galilee. Today we have 130 children who call Holly House home.

And thanks to Feed the Children, every child at Galilee gets a hot meal every day. We no longer have students going days without food or giving up their meal so their siblings can eat. For many of our students this is the only meal they will get in a day.

Galilee has grown so big that Kenya’s Kids in Need became its own non-profit. Since then, several people have stepped up to help raise funds, organize book drives, email photos, mail letters and help the connection between sponsors and kids go as smoothly as possible.

All of these things happened because people all over the world cared enough to give and donate time to Kenya’s Kids In Need. They also told friends, neighbors and family members about our remarkable organization. Galilee, Holly House and WHS would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for these amazing people. It truly was built with love and $1 at a time.

We have made some wonderful things happen at Galilee and WHS, but we aren’t done.

• Every year we try to do something special for the children at Holly House on Christmas. This year we are fundraising for the kids to have a very special meal of chicken, rice, Ice Cream and soda. In addition, we would like to raise enough money so that every child at Holly House will receive a new article of clothing. For only $19 dollars you can provide a child with a full meal and clothing.

• Feed the Children has stipulated that the current kitchen needs to be replaced with one better suited to keep up with the needs. Presently we have just over $3000 left to raise to complete the job.

• In order to go on to further education or get jobs other than menial jobs, every form 4 student must take the KCSE at the cost of approximately $109 per student. Many of the student’s families make less than $1 per day, making paying for these exams nearly impossible. KKIN holds an annual ebay fundraiser to help pay for these fees. This year the fundraiser is planned to start on November 11. You can either make a donation directly to KKIN or place a bid on one of our fabulous items up for sale.

• In addition we are now faced with a wonderful problem of what to do with our Holly House students who have persevered through school and scored well enough to move on to college, trade schools, etc. These students have no family to help them in the transition period and help with school fees. If you are interested in helping these excellent students, please contact us today.

The children still need us to help give them a brighter future and a chance to end the cycle of poverty. Please consider making a donation today and be part of a wonderful future.

Kenya’s Kids in Need is 100% volunteer run so all money donated goes directly to the school and the children of Galilee, Holly House and Waddington High School.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


An Excerpt of an Email Written in 2003 by the Director and Founder Fanuel Okwaro

The school started in 1997 having gone through non-formal school education from preschool to std.8. I was lucky to get a sponsor who saw me through my high school education. After graduating from high school I went back to teach as a volunteer in my former primary school.

It is during this time that God showed me another place where my services were really needed. What started like a walk in Soweto slums turned out to be a vision on which the school started. I and my friends were so touched by the number of children who were not going to school in the villages, then came this idea of doing something to make a difference in their lives is what led us to starting this school.

Most of the children coming to our school come from very poor backgrounds, these includes orphans,
destitute, street children for rehabilitation and children from very poor families who are sometimes abandoned by their parents due to economic constrains. We embrace all the children at risk and at least give them basic education, we also counsel them and pray with them for God to intervene in their hardships we do all this with the aim of molding them and giving them hope for the future. Presently we have four teachers who are working hard to attain our goal of caring and educating these children. They are all working on voluntary basis. Driven by the predicaments and plight of these children they are selflessly serving these children with an aim of making a difference in these children lives.

Today the school is offering education to children, rehabilitating the street children and offering counseling to those who are traumatized by one problem or another.

There are eight classes in the school. Ranging from pre – school to standard seven. The total number of
children at our school presently is 186 children, with their ages ranging between 4yrs to 18 yrs.

The school is expanding very fast with the activities we are undertaking, they suit the children found in the
area and thus they are attracted to our school. Although the expansion is fast it is inhibited by the
incapability of the school financially to expand the facilities and thus congestion occurring in the few
classroom we have

The free education introduced by the government has been actually a blessing, because before free
education was declared we had about 300 children who were a big problem to serve due to lack of facilities and finance. Although some of our children got chances in public school we still need to expand our facilities because the rate at which we are receiving new children in our school is very high and soon we shall go back to the 306 mark. For example in the month of February alone we admitted about 23 new
children and are still coming. Children still come to our school since it is an alternative to the public schools around which have very high demands like text books, shoes, uniform, games kit etc. which most parents are unable to meet. Another reason is the programs we offer are attractive to them.

We hope in the future to diversify the programs we are offering to include feeding program which is
really needed, secondary education, vocational training for the graduates who will be unable to continue.

We also hope to buy land on which we can build better facilities in order to take in more deserving cases. All these others will only be possible if we get donors who will assist as financially.

Stay tuned for an update of how much we have acomplished in the last 7 years.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bright Young Student Seeks Mentor

James is 16 years old in class 2 at WHS and living at Holly House.  He is a very bright and kind boy.  One day he hopes to return the kindness that was given to him by helping other children have access to an education.  He writes to his future sponsor I would be very happy to have someone to exchange letters with as a mentor.  It would be my extreme pleasure to know that somebody somewhere thinks about me as I try to concentrate on my studies”  

James lives at Holly House because his parents could not afford to pay for him to attend school.  In addition they lived too far away for him to walk to school everyday.  Without Holly House James would not be getting an education and a chance to stop the cycle of poverty.

For only a $1 per day ($30 per month),  you can provide a child at Holly House a room, three meals a day, basic school supplies, and school fees at Galilee Primary School or Waddington High School.

Are you that compassionate sponsor to help this boy achieve his dreams?   Please contact us today for more info on this very communicative child.

To see more students in need of sponsors please go to

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Little Holly House History

Holly House was opened in 2003 when Fanuel heard about two young girls who were being abused by their guardian and had nowhere else to go. Very soon after, several more children were found in desperate need of an education, food and a home, and needed assistance quickly. With the help of some wonderful sponsors, Fanuel was able to rent a house, find a “house mother” and give these 11 children a home and a chance at a brighter future.

Since then Holly House as grown so much that we built a permanent building, rent two other houses, and now provide a home to over 130 needy children. Today Galilee and Waddington High School have become so well known for excellence, that we have a handful of students from outside the slums that pay to be boarders at Holly House so that they may attend Galilee Primary and Waddington High School. This has been a win / win situation for the school. The children are able to attend one of the best schools in the area, and the money helps offset the cost of caring for the unsponsored children who cannot even afford the most basic of supplies, clothes or even food.

For only a $1 per day ($30 per month), you can provide a child at Holly House a room, three meals a day, basic school supplies, and school fees at Galilee Primary School or Waddington High School. You can see some of these amazing kids at

In addition we are now faced with a wonderful problem of what to do with our Holly House students who have persevered through school and scored well enough to move on to college, trade schools, etc. These students have no family to help them in the transition period and help with school fees. If you are interested in helping these excellent students please contact us today.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Holly House Holidays Fundraiser!

Each year we try to provide the children living in Holly House with a nice Christmas meal, something special to mark the holiday. The children really love the special day filled with treats they do not often get to enjoy.

The children at Holly's House are either orphans or have parents that are unable to care and provide for them. Fanuel opened a home where kids who would otherwise be living on the streets, can have a bed, 3 meals and day and an education. Holly House is the bright light in these kids tragic lives.

This year Fanuel tells us that the children would love to have a meal of chicken & rice, if there are enough funds to provide it. He has sent us prices for the favored meal and for a lesser, but still special, meal in case we cannot raise enough money for the chicken. (Both will include soda and ice cream, too!!)

The chicken meal will come to $9 per person. A meal of goat meat & rice would cost $6 per person. We will need to provide for 130 kids (including the house parents). So we need to raise $1170 for the chicken dinner or $780 for the goat meat dinner.

In addition, we would like to raise enough money to provide each HH child with an article of clothing as a gift. Fanuel thinks he can get something for each child if we raise $10 for each. We will not need to provide clothing for the house parents. And several of the children get clothing gifts from their sponsors for Christmas, so we are setting the goal at $1000 for this gift! If we can raise that much, every child should receive a shirt or skirt or pair of pants or some other item for the holiday. If we raise less, Fanuel will have less to spend per person, but he will still manage to get something for everyone - even if it's just a pair of socks!!

Can you help make the holidays special for the children living at Holly House? These are the children with no family to go one to take care of them or to spend the holidays with.

Our goal is to raise the full $2170 to give these kids a wonderful Holiday. You can donate here, via facebook or if you go to via the donate button. Could you pay for a nice chicken dinner for two or three children? Or perhaps help provide an article of clothing?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adorable Student In Need of Caring Sponsor

Little Yvonne is just 7 years old and in class 1 at Galilee Primary School. Like most girls her age she loves to play hide and seek and listen to music. Unlike most girls though, her family doesn't always have enough money to provide Yvonne with everything she needs to go to school, including her school fees. For only .42 cents per day you can help Yvonne get a good education and have a chance to leave the slums and stop the cycle of proverty. Won't you consider sponsoring Yvonne? Please contact KKIN at today to learn more.

The children attending Galilee Primary School range in age from 3 through their teens. Due to the fact that many of the children start school late and/or have their education interrupted, it is not uncommon to find older students in primary grades. Kenyan law requires a student start school in the early grades regardless of their age. Extreme poverty surrounds these children, but through sponsorship you will be participating in helping them break that vicious cycle. Education will ensure the children grow up with improved health, development, and opportunities.

Sponsorship is $12.50 a month and pays for school fees, and basic school supplies.

Yvonne is just one of the many students in need of a sponsorship. Please go to to see more of our wonderful students in need of a sponsor.