Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Going Bananas.........

Happy Happy Kids........
Thanks to the great sponsors, who have sent their sponsored children's classes a special fruit treat!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shoes, Socks & Smiles

Thanks to a special donation, some of  the pre-schoolers who needed new shows to keep their feet safe now have them.

Enjoy all the smiling faces......


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kitchen Update

I hope you and families are fine. Thank you so very much for the big efforts  you continue doing towards helping our schools and children. We really appreciate the big contributions you have made towards the improvement of the  key infrastructure  that has enabled us realise our dream of offering quality education to  children in need  who otherwise would not have  had a chance to .
At  the moment we are working on the Kitchen construction, thanks to your efforts and generous contributions we have made a significant stride towards  completion of the  project. We understand the economic situation throughout the world has been unfavourable for most us and thus  raising funds  enough to complete  this project has taken considerably longer time and thus the budgets have slightly been affected  mainly due to the increase  in prices of some of the construction materials.
We have done ground floor both the walls and floor as well as fix doors and windows and also install electricity and  construction of the smoke chimney . On the ground floor we only remain with  painting of the walls as the final item. The upper floor still has a considerable amount of work to be done these include   roofing,  plastering of the walls and floor , painting  of walls, fixing of the doors and windows and  installation of electricity. So far so good, the major structural bits are done and thus what remains are the finishing bits which if we are able to get enough funds we should be able to do them in a very short time. Unfortunately  a few  needed materials  prices have gone up slightly. This has made us  re- evaluate the estimated cost of the remaining work  to complete the kitchen project.  In total our estimated cost to complete the construction is ksh.  452,000/ $5795. (@78   a $)
I hope we shall be able to raise  the remaining funds   in time because in most cases the cost of building material keep going up and thus straining our budget.
Sanitary facilities(toilets)  another of the most important projects  we are looking forward to is getting urgent by the day. We have been buying time all the time we are given dateline  by the City council public health department   but now our luck is running out fast. We had a visit from the public health inspectors a few days ago and they gave us yet another dateline with a stern warning to me that unless we meet the health standards  required as  far as the sanitary facilities are concerned  by May this year I’m going to be prosecuted and the school  is going to be closed down. This  time they told me there will be no extension and that there will be no further notice.
Our estimates have slightly gone  up since we first put them forward in the year 2009.

FOUNDATION -Materials and Labour--------- ksh.370,000
Structure building -------------ksh. 390,000
Slab Making, Nails, timber and
Reinforcement steel bars -------------------ksh.490,500
Electrical materials and installation---- ksh.120,000
Plumbing Materials ----------------------ksh.330,.000
Paints and Painting------------------------ksh. 180,000
Doors and grills ----------------------------ksh.90,000
                                          TOTAL-  KSH. 2000,500 = $ 26,320

Plot of land will cost ksh. 385,000. = $  5065

Grand total    =ksh 2385,000 = $ 31,385.   
Like the Kitchen project  we can do the project in  phases. Since  the sum involved  is large   and raising such amount at once is not possible, we could be doing   the project in phases that we can afford.
I’m quite sure that if the public health  inspectors  come while we are already working on the  toilets we shall have an excuse to put to them.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Celebration After Exam Scores Arrived

Dear Friends, 

I hope this finds all of you and families fine. I write this email with a lot of happiness. We have had good KCSE results last two years but the 2010 results were the best ever. The day started as normal but as it progressed, the minister for education announced the release of the 2010 KCSE results and the mood turned in to anxiety , the question was , how did our students perform? Did they do well? Everybody including me were holding their breath .Immediately the results were announced, I was on my way to the education office at the city centre to collect our results. The whole distance I kept wondering what the results will look like. I had a big sigh when I looked at the results at first. I did not think much of it until I arrived at school and together with the teachers we looked at the results again, it is then that I realized how good our students had performed , The teachers were so happy that they started singing, children could not stand the noise and soon they were all out their classrooms and joined in the celebration. The children and the teachers in celebration danced through the school gates in to the village where they were joined by parents and neighbors, what had started as small celebration quickly turned in to a very big celebration of song and dance. We crowned the celebration the next day by having chicken for lunch for the teachers and other staff.
We all appreciate the big support you have and continue giving to our children especially those of you who are sponsoring children . You are giving these children hope and opportunity in their future life. We are happy many of them are working very hard to improve their future life and that of their families by studying hard. From the 2010 form 4 class we expect 15 students to get university entry on Government aided program and 33 qualified to go to university but through the self sponsored program which is a little more expensive than the government aided one. The celebration is dying down and we are now focusing on the KCSE and KCPE examination for this year. Thank you so very much those of you who contributed towards examination fee for both 2010 and 2011. Those who contributed for 2010 , your generosity has brought hope and is promising a bright future for the children who passed their exams well. For those who did contribute this year we are working hard to get good results again.
Our prayers and wish is that more and more sponsors come forward to sponsor children both at WHS and GPS for it is the sponsorship that has kept these children in school, put books in their hands, keep teachers in class and so much more that enables the children to learn well and before our own eyes transformation of our poverty stricken community is taking place and soon and very soon light will be showing at the end of the tunnel. What we most need at the moment is to have more children sponsored so that we can shorten the journey to prosperity for our community. On this may I take this opportunity to urge our sponsors whose children did the KCSE exams last year or are no longer coming to our schools to consider sponsoring another needy child ,we all reach out to our friends, family ,colleagues, church etc and spread the word, for the more sponsors we get we shall be able to keep so many more children in school and many lives will be transformed in the process. In conclusion I must again thank all of you, the entire KKIN team for the big effort you have and continue putting in helping our children and attribute the success our children are having in their studies to your commitment.
Thank you very much again and may the Almighty Father bless you and families abundantly.
God bless

Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Holly House Christmas Celebration


Just In!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy these pictures enjoying  Christmas dinner!

Thank you to everyone who help make this happen.........